Part 2: How Intravenous (I.V.) Nutrient Therapy can help your seasonal allergies!

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Are you concerned about hay fever or seasonal allergies? Seasonal Allergies in Spring! Spring is one of my favourite seasons!  The days become longer and the weather warms up.  I love seeing the plant life grow all around us.  Unfortunately, many people get hit hard with seasonal allergies during this time.  During the [...]

Part 1: How Intravenous (I.V.) Nutrient Therapy can help your recurring colds this season!

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Are you experiencing recurring colds or flu’s this past season? A number of our patients have reported being sick with severe cold symptoms, followed by a few weeks of recovery and then finding themselves sick again.  Common symptoms include sinus congestion, sore throat and a persistent cough.  Although we are unsure why this recurring cold [...]

Healthy Easter Snacks

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With Easter around the corner, we wanted to suggest some of our favourite healthy Easter snacks and treats. Whether you celebrate the long weekend with family brunches or dinner, these snacks will be enjoyed by everyone! The Brio team wishes you a wonderful Easter long weekend. Healthy Easter Snacks: Deviled Avocado Eggs Deviled Avocado Eggs Recipe and [...]

Earth Day in Richmond! Giveaway on April 22nd, 2016

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It is that time of year again!! An annual event at Brio showcasing great local companies supporting the environment in creative and productive ways! Celebrate Earth Day in Richmond by participating in our giveaway. It's an opportunity to collaborate with great local companies and help to bring awareness to some really creative small steps towards [...]