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Jumpstart Your Goals For the New Year

Are you looking to learn the importance of meal planning? Are you struggling with making healthy choices? Are you confused about what foods are good and bad? Healthy Living 101 is a program designed to dispel confusing information regarding health, well-being, and diet related myths. The goal of the program is to feel empowered about [...]

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Protein Packed Pancakes Recipe

Get ready to treat yourself with these protein-packed, whole foods, cottage cheese pancakes! Our bodies use protein to build and repair tissues, make enzymes, hormones, and it also play a very important role to help balance blood sugar levels. Did you know that eating too little protein can impair your mood, energy levels, and result in [...]

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Weight Loss in Richmond BC

How does losing 40 pounds feel?  Watch this video testimonial. What an amazing health transformation!  One of our recent graduates of the Healthy Living 101 program shares his journey with us and his story about weight loss.   He gives an honest and realistic picture of the challenges he faced with making healthy choices. He has [...]

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