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Before and After Results of Healthy Living 101

Healthy Living 101 is now into it`s third year and is consistently producing life changing results. Some people report incredible weight loss, and some who don`t need to lose the weight say they feel better then they have in years. Some of the benefits are improved sleep, reduction in sugar and salt cravings, increased energy [...]

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Brio Gives Back: Help us support these 2 charities and win an Apple TV!

It's that time of the season again when we begin promoting our Brio Gives Back campaign. This year we have partnered with another organization in our community to support the charity:  Women Helping Women We invite all of you to join us in helping both the Richmond Food Bank and Women Helping Women.  Details about the [...]

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Thanksgiving Digestive Tips

Dr.Dhiman has some great tips for keeping your tummy happy and healthy for the Thanksgiving meal ahead of us. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)– a distressed stomach's best friend.  One to two teaspoons in 1/2 a glass of water 15 minutes prior to meals.  ACV will aid in digestion, decrease gastric reflux, decrease bloating and abdominal [...]

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Richmond Food Bank Charity Auction

This past Sunday, September 27th, I was involved in the Mid-Autumn Festival Charity Dating Auction. This fun-filled event was hosted at Aberdeen Centre, auctioning off a variety of services in Richmond. Let me tell you there was some good stuff being auctioned off! A big congratulations to Rob for your successful bid on our Healthy Living [...]

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The Microbiome and our Immune System

October is when we all start thinking about the upcoming cold and flu season.  This is a great opportunity to share with you current research about supporting our immune system.     Naturopathic doctors have been prescribing “Probiotics” (good bacteria) for years.  Most people know that having good microbes in our gut is important for our [...]

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Low Level Laser Therapy at Brio | Richmond BC

Watch our new video as Dr. Jeff Braun, Richmond Chiropractor and part of the Brio team, introduces Low Level Laser Therapy at Brio Integrative Health Centre.   [separator style_type="none" top_margin="15" bottom_margin="15" sep_color="#ffffff" icon="" width="" class="" id=""][youtube id="mYhjmq7-1q8" width="600" height="350" autoplay="no" api_params="" class=""]

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