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Welcome to Our New Website

We are very excited to launch our new website and the official release of Brio Living. We have a new look, a new animated video, and a new name for our popular Weight Loss Rehab program (Healthy Living 101). Brio Living You might be wondering what Brio living is all about.  This is the philosophy [...]

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Join us for a free introduction to Healthy Living 101

Healthy Living 101 This is a great opportunity to learn how to eat to fuel your body versus being a victim of the "go to" fad diets. Our weekly sessions are held Monday nights at Brio for 90 minute evening group sessions. September 2015 we will be launching our final Healthy Living 101 session for [...]

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Info Session: Healthy Living 101

Brio is hosting an information session promoting our next Monday group of Healthy Living 101, which starts in September. Healthy Living 101 - a 12 week course The info session will be hosted by Kyra Sturrock, RHN and Dr. Neetu Dhiman, BSc ND on Wednesday June 24 at 6 pm. For more information about this course, [...]

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