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Weight Loss Rehab Workshop The Weight Loss Rehab workshop follows our philosophy of how the body heals.  It is designed to focus on creating a healthy body, there are no gimmicks, magic pills or formulas.  A healthy body will shed unwanted weight and unleash energy like never before.  By taking responsibility for the quality of [...]

Save 10% on Thorne B Complex from March 22-April 22, 2013

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SAVE 10% this month at Brio on our Thorne B Complex! Research has shown B Complex vitamins support: Stress tolerance Hormone Health Mood Nervous System Health Energy Women taking oral contraceptive pills causes vitamin B deficiencies, so for those women it can  be beneficial to supplement with a vitamin B  complex.      

Chantel’s Moroccan Chick Pea Salad

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    Chantel's Moroccan Chick Pea Salad     3 cans of organic chickpeas ½ a bag of thawed organic frozen green peas 1 big bunch of cilantro chopped up (stems included) 1 small orange pepper (chopped in small pieces) 1 small yellow pepper (chopped in small pieces) ½ a red onion diced (thin small pieces) [...]