End-of-Summer Holiday Hours

2012-08-21T16:29:03+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

  The Brio team will be taking a much deserved time off to enjoy the end of summer with family. Brio will be closed from Saturday August 25th, 2012 - Monday September 3rd, 2012. We will resume regular office hours on Tuesday September 4th. We will return all voice messages and emails at that time. [...]

What is TEXT-ITIS?

2012-08-15T17:53:43+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

Do you have pain at the base of your thumb or in your wrist?     Yes it can be possible to have an injury from too much texting.  If you are spending hours texting on your mobile and are experiencing pain at the base of your thumb, you may have a condition we call [...]

Do you have Carpal Tunnel? Tennis Elbow? or a Frozen Shoulder?

2012-08-11T09:15:52+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

  Come join Dr.Jeffrey Lee and Nathan as they present on common upper body injuries.  Learn how Low-Level Laser Therapy helps heal these stubborn injuries and learn what you can do at home to prevent them!    When: Wednesday August 22nd, 2012 Time: 6:30-7:30 pm Location: Brio Clinic (604-271-9355) RSVP: Limited seating, call to reserve [...]

Broccoli Tahini Salad

2012-08-03T11:41:13+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

      Broccoli Tahini Salad (This salad is delicious eaten right away, or even after it's been sitting in the refrigerator for a few hours. Serve cold.)    1 head broccoli 1 cucumber, cubed 3 tbsp red onion, diced sauce: 2 tbsp tahini 1 tbsp white/mellow miso 2 tbsp orange juice, freshly squeezed 2 [...]

Summer Travel Tips from Dr.Neetu

2020-05-31T19:51:06+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic, Dr Neetu|

  Dr.Neetu has some great tips for keeping your tummy healthy and happy for Summer Travel while going abroad, or even while going on local trips!   1. Probiotics – Good bacteria to protect the digestive system from any influx of virus, bacteria or fungus from contaminated water, food, or environmental toxins. The digestive system [...]

Gone Fishin’

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  All this talk of summer just makes me think of the great fishing that’s just around the corner. Actually, rephrase… I think about fishing all the time! I’m fortunate enough to live in a place where I can go somewhere to catch fish all year round. Right now you’re probably thinking what in the [...]