Hot/Cold Shower Challenge UPDATE from Dr.Neetu:

2012-02-10T11:10:33+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

  I did in fact complete 30 days of hot/cold showers.  I must say even I was shocked at the results.  I hated doing it up until about two and a half weeks.  At that point it became easier and I had a noticeable surge in my day to day energy.  Usually energy is pretty good, [...]

Valentines Day is just around the corner…Lift your Libido Naturally!

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Diminished libido is quite a common concern brought up by many patients, from 20's to 60's+.  It has so many factors contributing to why it is low, that the treatment options are different for every case. Common reasons for low libido: -chronic health issue underlying.  Libido will diminish as the body is simply trying to [...]

I’d like to buy a bowel, please (Pat Sajak)

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People love to talk about their bowel movements. This week in the Province, Dr. Oz and Dr.Roizen share their health tips on what the colour of your stool may mean. If you have any concerns we recommend contacting your doctor. Click HERE to read the article in the Province.