Please note: Dr.Neetu is away on holidays

2011-10-19T09:36:48+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

We are pleased to tell everyone that Dr.Neetu is taking a well deserved vacation during the month of October! We couldn't be more excited for her. She will be away from the clinic from October 13th to November 5th, and will be back to work Tuesday November 8th. The clinic will be in full operation during [...]

Who’s the NEW mystery man coming to Brio?

2011-10-11T15:32:31+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

    Who's the NEW mystery man coming to Brio? For years, Dr.Jeff was the solo male practitioner at the Brio Clinic. Rumor has it that another guy will be taking away some of Dr.Jeff's spotlight.   I know what some of you are thinking...  Who is the mystery man? Is he good looking? Does he [...]

Dr.Lee Reveals an Ancient Chinese Secret…

2011-10-07T11:06:50+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

Every October, my Chinese Medicine teachers would walk around the clinic carrying a mug full of hot tea with what looked like popsicle sticks protruding out.           “What are you drinking Dr. Wang?” or “What’s with the popsicle sticks Dr. Ding?” I asked.           They would all [...]

Treat Energy & Immune with Bowen Therapy

2011-10-05T14:33:01+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

Bowen Therapy is a unique hands on treatment, using NO needles and NO machines.  It is NOT massage, it is NOT acupressure, and it is NOT lymphatic drainage.  However, Bowen is a treatment that can treat a huge list of pain conditions treated via massage and acupressure.  Bowen is also a treatment that really stimulates [...]