Acupuncture for stress management

2011-09-29T23:53:35+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

For many, September is the beginning of a new year. The summer is over and the routines of school and work are starting again. Do you notice you are getting more stressed? Do you feel tension in your body? Are you having difficulty sleeping? Acupuncture treatments are a fantastic way to help transition into this [...]

“Food and Brain”

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Did you know our brain is more than 60% structural fat which needs to be primarily omega-3 fats, found in walnuts and flaxseed and cod liver oil, for its cell membranes to function properly. Cell membranes, primarily composed of fats, are the gatekeepers of the cell. Omega-3 fats, flexible and fluid by nature, make it [...]

Compassion to Action

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  On September 28th, Vancity is hosting a FREE organic breakfast to raise funds for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society.    Vancity and Nature's Path Foods are once again proudly supporting the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society's Compassion Into Action breakfast   Click the following HERE to learn more

Kyra’s picture in the Richmond Review

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Check out the Wednesday September 14th edition of the Richmond Review. You'll see Kyra dressed as a 1920's flapper girl, in a red dress and gold headband.  She was a volunteer for the Garden Party fundraiser for RoseWood Manor.    " The '20s themed event, put on by the Rosewood Manor Care Foundation in partnership [...]

September product of the month: Thorne B Complex

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This day and age everyone has some level of stress, which is why at Brio we consider B-Vitamins to be a staple in your daily health routine.  We carry Thorne B complex, which contains no fillers no additives and is an easy to absorb and digest capsule. Careful of brands that are not professional. Magnesium [...]

Where is Dr.Neetu jet setting to in October?

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We are pleased to tell everyone that Dr.Neetu is taking a well deserved vacation during the month of October! We couldn't be more excited for her.    She will be away from the clinic from October 13th to Nov 5th, and will be back to work Nov 8th. The clinic will be in full operation during these dates [...]

Dr.Neetu’s tips to enhance sleep

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With the change of season, and back to school, sleep can be dramatically affected.  From the rest and relaxation of the summer season, to back to the grind of the daily work routine, insomnia is a common complaint.  Here are some simple home tips to enhance sleep. Avoid caffeine after 2pm; use relaxants before bed [...]

Dr.Neetu’s Bowen Therapy Tip of the Month

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Back to school is a time of routine and for some the routine and structure is welcome, for others it places quite the underlying stress on the body.  Stress can account for up to 95% of disease.  Often we are so busy in our day to day lives that the stress does not even register [...]

Orthotics – Do you have foot pain?

2011-09-10T12:48:04+00:00By |Brio Health Clinic|

Did you know that poor fitting shoes can cause more than just foot pain? Back, knee and ankle pain can result from improper support under your feet. About 70% of the population have something called pronation syndrome. Pronation is the result of collapsed arches causing excessive twisting in the foot. This twisting results in overstretched [...]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Cold Laser Therapy

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  Healing Carpal Tunnel with Low Level Laser Therapy.   As we get back to our routines at work, it’s important to prevent common work related injuries.  One such injury is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS).  Carpal tunnel syndrome is a disease state in which patients feel pain, numbness and tingling in the hand and wrist. [...]