15 Years of Brio…Peek down memory lane

    • Apr 2008 Dr. Neetu and Dr. Jeff signed the lease for a smaller unit in our current building.  Just on the other side of the bathroom.  
    • The year we signed our lease was also the same year and month Dr. Lee’s second daughter was born.  Upon opening Brio, Dr. Lee was busy with a second child and launch of a new clinic.
    • When we first opened we had a different name.  We had undergone due diligence to approve the name from BC Small Business.  With everything cleared and passed, we launched with our first name!
    • Shortly after opening we received a message from a clinic in Vancouver stating we were using their name. 
    • So we were back to the drawing board and brainstorming once again and therein birthed the name: Brio
    • What was our original name?  We have many long term patients, they may remember.  Wellspring Integrative Health Center!
    • Approximately 6 months into opening we hired our first staff member Kyra.  Kyra is fondly remembered to this day patients will still ask about her.  She worked with Brio with so much passion for 10 years; leaving us in 2018 to start her family.
    • 2012 Dr. Carin Joined Brio as it was in the midst of transition from the small office to finding an expanded space.
    • We had started to outgrow our tiny space, we made a list of all the traits we desired in an office.  We searched in Ironwood.  We searched in the Gardens, we searched 4 Road Richmond.  Come to find out the unit next door was available for months, and accommodate 99% of requirements on our list.  For those of you curious of the 1% that wasn’t on our list..it wasn’t on the ground floor.
    • 2013…Brio was growing.  We onboarded RMT Linda McLaren who’s name had been serendipitously given to us.  Come to find out we knew of each other, being long term practitioners in Richmond.  It was an instant fit.  She was in and we were so excited to have her join.
    • Over the years, personal shares within the Brio team have been Marriages; Birth of babies; loss of loved ones; gardens were tilled; video game teams were led to battle and the enemy defeated; and many other personal milestones and dreams achieved.  We have been there supporting each other through the good and tougher times.  I will always love this the most about Brio.  
    • Equally important over the years, Brio received many accolades.  We were nominated many times for Best of Richmond Review; and then Richmond News.  There were Ethel Tibbets nominations for Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year.  There were nods from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce and so much more.
    • Brio in its prime was dedicated to Community and we perfumed ourselves all over Richmond.  We offered Free Talks, attended many Company Fairs and free articles.  We donated services to auctions for charitable events.  You could find us speaking at:  Richmond Library; River Rock; Worksafe BC; City of Richmond; Galloway’s Fine Foods; Serendipity Backyard Yoga Studio; Raintree Day Spa; Garden City Gardens; Kwantlen College; Trail Appliances; monthly Richmond Review Articles, just to name a few.  We most definitely included ourselves within the community. 
    • In 2018 we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and transformed our clinic into “Brio Expo ‘18”  It was a loving nod to Vancouver’s very own Expo ‘86.  We transformed each clinic room into a Pavilion with a theme and an informative video; we had a passport to stamp as people attended each pavilion; we had a speaker stage with free talks every hour; we had a remake of Highway ‘86 which was Brio’s  Highway ‘18 timeline of memories.  There were giveaways and free food.  And we were absolutely blown away by the turn out.  The Brio Family turned out!  It was a packed day; we felt so loved and appreciated.  It was a celebration indeed!
    • We would be nothing without the dedicated front staff of Brio, each and every member of the Brio team that has worked at the front desk tried with full passion to ensure everyone’s health care needs were meticulously attended too.  We are infinitely grateful for each and every one of them.  We hoped everyday that patients would feel how hard the front staff worked to ensure each patient was treated with much care and attention.
    • The memories of the laughs and genuine friendship behind closed doors will be what I cherish the most.  Each lunch hour sharing a meal and engaging in deep belly laughs.  Not just nourished with food, nourished with the most hilarious team behind the scenes.  Laughter, connection and childlike curiosity is indeed medicine. 

I will close with these last few shares.

Why did we choose the name Brio?  Well, the definition of Brio is – Active, Spirited or alive.  If someone has ‘Brio’ they are considered to be full of Spirited Enthusiasm.  These words and definitions encompassed our entire philosophy of Brio and our Team.  ENERGY.  Energy is the currency of all healing.  We can only heal at a root level with balancing energy.  If you note our Logo it is bubbles radiating upward denoting the movement of energy.  Our social media was often one of those drops into a body of water which reverberated outward, denoting activity, and movement of energy.  

It is an energetic law that energy cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed.  Our hope is that the healing energy which Brio reverberated continues to be rippled out for generations onward.  Big healing happened between these four walls, impacting parents to kids, and maybe their future kids.  Many patients came through our doors; many families transformed.  It’s been an absolute honour.  We thank you for taking this trip of memories with us.  We thank the Brio team for holding the energetic pillar of the name Brio for 15 years.  It is rare to have all practitioners and staff energetic in alignment with root philosophy of care, but we were.  This was the magic of Brio Integrative Health Center.<
In health, The Brio Team