Brio Integrative Health

We offer high quality health care,that integrates traditional and conventional medicines, treating the root of chronic illness and disease. Proudly serving Richmond since 2008.

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We are open for Video & Telephone Consultations. Products can be picked up at the clinic by appointment only. All other clinic services are temporarily closed.

Monday: closed
Tuesday: 9am to 3pm
Wednesday: 9am to 3pm
Thursday: 9am to 3pm
Friday: Temporarily Closed
Saturday:Please call for appointment

 +1 (604) 271-9355

Brio Integrative Health

Brio Integrative Health Centre is a clinic in Richmond BC offering complete naturopathic assessment with fully customized treatment programs designed with individual patients in mind.
Brio provides high quality health care patient-focused customer service and treatment with integrity.

“Brio Living is our philosophy of practice at Brio Clinic ”

Our analogy is that your body is a garden; in order for it to thrive, a healthy foundation is needed.

Brio Living

All of our practitioners follow the philosophy of Brio Living.
We also have 3 Brio Living programs: the Healthy Living 101 Course, Pain Free Living and Naturopathic Living.

One of these 3 programs may be the path you take, or a custom program will be designed just for you.

Naturopathic Living

The Brio Naturopathic Living Program can help you obtain prime mental, physical, and spiritual states using both a modern-day scientific research and centuries of empirical clinical experience.


Pain Free Living

Whether you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, a sports injury, or have chronic pain from arthritis or fibromyalgia, we can help you.


Healthy Living

Healthy Living 101 is a program designed to dispel confusing information regarding health, well-being, and diet-related myths.


At Brio Integrative Health Centre, we provide high quality health care, patient-focused customer service and treatment with integrity.
At Brio, we combine our knowledge of Western science and alternative medicine to offer many treatment options. This combination of knowledge and support can help our patients to achieve the success they deserve.

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