In the above video, we share a case study of a patient with a rotator cuff injury.  More specifically, a tear in the supraspinatus muscle that occurred in the workplace.  The patient experienced constant pain and reached a point where he could not continue to work.  He tried physiotherapy and massage for several years, but his pain continued to worsen.  His medical doctor even referred him to a surgeon, but the patient was reluctant to have surgery.  The reason this case is so memorable, is that he actually suffered this injury 5 years before being referred to us at Brio Integrative Health Centre.

After a thorough assessment, I observed that he had significant loss in range of motion, tight deltoid and trapezius muscles and general stiffness in the entire shoulder.  We determined that acupuncture was necessary initially to help loosen his muscles, bring more circulation to the area and to reduce pain.  Since he had a deep tear in his supraspinatus tendon, we needed to address this by using Low-Level Laser Therapy / Photobiomodulation.  After about 10 treatments, this is what he reported to us:

“My shoulder movement feels much more natural.  I am no longer in constant pain!  I am able to get a good night’s sleep as my shoulder is no longer waking me up anymore.  I can shift gears in my forklift without that sharp pain.  My shoulder feels like new!”

We are thrilled with his improvements!  In our next video, you will actually hear a testimonial from the above patient.

If you know someone who has a nagging shoulder injury, please have them contact us.  We would love to help them get back to doing the things they love!