We are so excited to announce after taking a break throughout the summer we will be launching Healthy Living 101 this September. It will be the last program for 2017, so don’t miss the chance to register! family cooking

Healthy Living 101 is a program designed to dispel confusing information regarding health, wellbeing, and diet related myths. The goal of the program is to feel empowered about dietary choice for the health of you and your family. Whether the program is taken for prevention or to actively treat a health condition, the principles are the same for all. Healthy Living 101 follows the Brio Living philosophy of how the body heals. It is designed to teach patients how to create a healthy body by eating whole foods and implementing your new knowledge about nutrition. There are no gimmicks, magic pills, or formulasA healthy body will shed unwanted weight, correct inflammation and unleash energy like never before.

Who has benefited from this program?

  • people that want to lose weight
  • moms who are preparing for pregnancy
  • people with diabetes and high blood pressure
  • people that want to learn how to cook and eat healthier
  • athletes that need better nutrition
  • busy moms and dads that want to take care of their family


My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Dhiman for a number of years.  She has played a major role in our pregnancies and maintaing the health of our family. I recently participated in the Brio Health, Health 101 course.  I attended the information night with my mum in hopes of getting her an education into bettering her diet.  It quickly became evident that the only way my mum was attending was if I enrolled with her.

Trying to maintain a healthy diet for my two young boys, I knew I would benefit. I always felt we led a healthy lifestyle.  We don’t always make the right decisions, when it comes to our nutrition, but we did know Nutella, chocolate milk and snickers aren’t the super foods they proclaim. Until recently, I didn’t realize just how much my family has benefited from this education.  My wife was talking to someone explaining the tweaks we’ve made since I’ve started. I was shocked to realize how much our diet has changed.    Every week we discussed a different topic ranging from fats to sleep, debunking the myths and verifying the facts.  Learning how our bodies digest whole and processed foods has been key to our transformation.  Kyra’s enthusiasm was infectious.  Every week my wife and I would just make minor tweaks in our lifestyle based on the info I gained.   By the end of the program those minor changes revolutionized how we feed our family. Nutrition can be a very confusing subject.  It is amazing how much we have been lied to over the years, this course offers a clear and concise approach.  This course is great for everybody from young parents try to figure out how to feed the little human they created to other generations trying maintain their health as they get older.  I would like to thank Kyra and Dr. Dhiman for this amazing experience.  Brio Health has truly played a pivotal role in the health of my family.

We are excited to announce Dr.Neetu and Kyra will be hosting several information sessions at Brio this summer. Feel free to attend with a friend to learn more about what Healthy Living 101 entails.

In-clinic Information Session will be hosted repeatedly throughout the next few months, don’t miss one of the following dates:facebook live

  • Wednesday July 19 at 6:30 pm ….Click HERE to register!
  • Wednesday August 16 at 6:30 pm ….Click HERE to register!
  • Wednesday September 13 at 6:30 pm …Click HERE to register!
  • Wednesday September 20 at 6:30 pm …Click HERE to register!

Don’t hesitate to call Brio to register or ask any questions at 604-271-9355.

We are excited to announce we will be hosting Facebook Live’s to chat about Healthy Living 101:

  • Monday July 24 at 6 pm
  • Monday August 7 at 6 pm
  • Monday September 11 + 18 at 6 pm