The Product of the Month for February 2019 is…

CoEnzyme Q10!

As you all know February is often referred to as the love month; and it is also the heart health month.  Our choice for product of the month could not be more fitting.
CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) has many important functions.
  1. The cells of the heart have the highest use for CoQ10.  Vital for heart health
  2. The cells of the gums much like the heart are equally as high in use of CoQ10.  Vital for gum health and gum disease.
  3. CoQ10 helps to aid absorption of essential fat soluble Vitamins – A, D, E, K
  4. CoQ10 high highly beneficial to decrease overall inflammation in the body.  Remember all disease starts as inflammation.
Happy Heart Month!  This powerful enzyme is a powerful health aid when it is from a high quality source.  This is our product of the month.