What drives me…what makes me wake up in the morning is knowing that I’m going to make a difference.  It’s the TRUTH. You’re probably saying, “truth?” Let me define it for you. The truth of money, the truth about the politics, the truth about health, etc. Let’s take a look at health for example. When someone comes in to see me about X and when I inquire about their health it’s amazing to me that almost 100% of them has an issue with their health. I’m literally astounded by this figure. 100%! Most of the time it’s quite simple but their MD’s says something like, “you going to have this disease the rest of your life”. I know first-hand that the truth says something else. You DON’T HAVE TO HAVE THE DISEASE YOUR WHOLE LIFE! There are answers out there and every one of us has to do the research. I find that most people think from the shoulders up but how about using the whole body.

body mind spiritHere is an example, gout. Most people think its high salt and high protein that leads to gout but here is an excerpts from Gary Taubes book Good Calories Bad Calories: “Willett’s article had reported that men with gout seemed to eat more meat than healthy men. But Willett, who by this time was arguably the nation’s most influential nutritional epidemiologist, later explained that they had never considered sugar consumption in their analysis because neither he nor his collaborators had been aware of the hyperuricemic effect of fructose. “My memory is not what it used to be,” he said. He also acknowledged, in any case, that he never knew sucrose was half fructose.” Meat AND SALT doesn’t cause gout! What are you going to believe? There is only one truth out there and you have to find it. Remember to use your mind (rational) and body (irrational), together, when looking for the truth. Ask questions. Have 3 or 4 health care practitioners including an MD to help you gain the truth. And remember to TRUST YOURSELF and that you have the last say when it comes to your health.

In Health,