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B Vitamins & Brain Health

In September, Dr. Jeffrey Lee, Richmond Naturopathic Doctor, featured a docu-series on Brain Health at Brio Integrative Health Centre. The response was fantastic and the series received a lot of positive feedback from patients.

Here is a comment from one patient: “I learned so much about my brain! I didn’t realize how much my sugary diet, inflammation from food allergies, hormone imbalance, habits around my cell phone use, environmental toxins and my lack of B Vitamins […]

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May Product of the Month: Dream Whey Protein Powder


Dream Protein leads the “whey” with its proprietary Hormone-Free, Ultra-LowTemp™ Whey Protein Isolate. We start with hormone free whey from New Zealand cows that are “Meadow Fed” and not given any rBGH or BST hormones! Dream Protein is made with an Ultra-Low Temp™ process, which is beneficial because the protein is not denatured (damaged) from an extensive heat treatment. This means that you’ll receive all the essential and non-essential amino acids plus naturally occurring immunoglobulins (which are necessary […]

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Celebrating Heart Health Month with Cod Liver Oil

Many of you already know the benefits of cod liver oil for skin health, brain health and happy hormones. But to celebrate this month, I wanted to highlight how our favourite cod liver oil can also boost your heart health.
Heart Health & Why It Matters
The heart organ is one of the most awe-inspiring creations of nature. There is about 5 liters of blood in the body but the heart effectively pumps over 6000 liters of […]

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Wobenzyme 10% Off Our Featured Product for August

We love Wobenzyme!
Summer in BC is a time of enjoying the outdoors and summer activities.  During the beautiful summer months, it’s almost as if us Vancouverites are making up for 9 months of less activity, and packing in as much activity as we can for 3 month.  Understandably so, lets enjoy the sun while we can.

During this time, activities such as walking, biking, jogging, gardening, and golfing, just to name a few can all increase. […]

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Jade Windscreen: cold and flu prevention

Last year we had a number of our acupuncture patients begin taking Jade Windscreen in early October. They were all amazed at how strong their immune system was even when family, friends and colleagues were sick!
Jade Windscreen
Our feature product this month is Jade Windscreen. Astragalus is the main ingredient of Jade Windscreen and is my herb of choice to protect me from colds and flus during the winter months. I begin taking Jade Windscreen in the […]

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