Welcome to Brio Living!  You might be wondering what Brio living is all about.  This is the philosophy of how we believe optimal health is achieved.  The practitioners at Brio will guide you step by step through each of these levels.  Our analogy is that your body is a garden; in order for it to thrive, a healthy foundation is needed.

Level 1 – Weeding:

Think of your body as a garden. Think of weeds in the garden as symptoms of pain or sickness.

In our metaphor weeding is like treating the symptoms, however this is only temporary.

The soil that created and hosted the weed growth remains in tact and it is only a matter of time before the weeds come back.

Conventional treatments often rely on pharmaceuticals and surgery, treating only the symptoms and not the root cause.

In the Brio Living Program we recognize treating the weeds as important, but is simply the first step in your journey to true health. Here is when true healing can begin…

Level 2 – Seeding:

Seeding really explores the root of the symptom, which can come from a variety of factors or times in your life.

Surgery or major medical treatments are indicators that it is essential to begin treatment with the ‘Brio Living’ Program. The surgery or treatment has taken care of the weeds…Perfect! Now let’s treat the soil with the ‘Brio Living’ Program. Every person’s soil is unique, therefore, the ‘Brio living’ Program will treat the patient, the whole person; not just the symptom. During this time we will nurture the soil and plant new seeds of wellness.

Level 3 – Feeding:

Feeding is a distinct time in the healing process. There is no doubt about it when you have reached the feeding stage. It is clear to the practitioner and patient. Our garden is now being landscaped. In this phase we look closer at your ‘Brio Living’ wheel of balance and break through limitations to achieve a smoother ride through life.

Level 4 – Thriving:

Congratulations! You are thriving!

Here is a lush garden, and it is healthy and it is living! We have treated the past, present, and have prevented future weeds. We are at the point of balanced mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing. We have treated the physical body; the emotional body and the spiritual body. This is a level of energy and movement and self-love and boundaries, choosing love over fear. This is a level of manifesting the life you have always wanted AND wanting the life you already have. If you can believe it, you can achieve it. You are thriving in the present moment.

THIS is ‘Brio Living’.