In celebration of our 10 year anniversary, Dr. Jeffrey Lee and Dr. Neetu Dhiman have shared some of thoughts looking back at the evolution of Brio over the years.

What were you doing before Brio?

Dr. Neetu: 

I began my practice in 2003 in an amazingly beautiful naturopathic practice in Yaletown. This practice was, I believe, a game changer for naturopathic medicine Clinics and practices. The ambiance, the style of care, the doctors. It was such a valuable experience and stepping stone. 

Then In 2005, I took a bold step to “start over” and move my practice to Richmond, where I rented from a well established local naturopathic doctor. His space allowed me to warm up and begin my practice in Richmond, and trigger the fire for my own entrepreneurial spirit. This doctor was also my naturopath when I was 18 AND was pivotal in the trajectory of my career.

During my last year of my Bachelor of Science at UBC, he asked me about my life goals, and stated: “You know you can’t do much with a Bachelor’s right? Why don’t you apply for naturopathic medicine.” And so I did! Can you guess who it was? The office which triggered my naturopathic journey as a patient, then began the office where I launched my Richmond practice.  

Dr. Jheeta!

The third was learning business. During my time of starting my practice in Richmond, I began taking business courses created by my next and still current naturopathic doctor, Dr. Thom. In the first day of the course, I met Dr. Jeff!  

These were the three pivotal steps to the birth of Brio in 2008.


Dr. Jeff:

I had an interest in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture and completed both degrees concurrently at my time in Bastyr University in Seattle. It was the next step after completion of my degree at UBC. Having preceptored under several well established naturopathic doctors, my time with Dr. Pheobe Chow, truly shaped my view of the profession, the profession as a whole, and the intricacies of running the clinic side of things.

Upon graduating and completing the dual degree program at Bastyr, I began my practice at Garden City Chiropractic, with two great friends who still currently run the practice. It was a great paring. Chiropractic and acupuncture. Patients really thrived while enjoying the integrative aspect of the two modalities. In 2006, I had enrolled in a “Health of Business & Business of Health” four part seminar held by my business mentor Andre Belangier and his partner Dr. Dick Thom. During that course, I randomly met Dr. Neetu, came to find out we both practiced in Richmond, and had not heard of each other. We decided to form a power-group to complete course projects.

What made you decide to start your own practice?

Dr. Neetu:

We both have very strong Entrepreneurial muscles. The ever changing nature of turning a deep rooted passion into a thriving profession was a the most exciting at the time. Against all the odds that were explained to us, and stacked against us, how do we still carry out our life purpose. Our goal in life. This was a huge driving force.  Countless hours outside clinic; countless courses; countless learning. I can’t speak for anyone else, but we are both so fiercely dedicated to constantly bettering ourselves; our learning for the sake of the clinic and for our patients. It doesn’t stop 9-5. There is no “in clinic; out of clinic”  we are 24-7 the clinic.


How does it make you feel looking back at the past 10 years?

Dr. Jeff: 

Very proud. As we mentioned, there were many who told us that the location wouldn’t work; the city wouldn’t work; the service focused style of practice wouldn’t work; a practice without IV therapy wouldn’t work. 

Well it did! And it’s a lesson to never ever listen to anyone giving advice from their limited perspective. Most give advice on their own limits and project those limits on others. All the “cautions” we were told were never our experience. We created a clinic that focuses on root level healing and service; all the while staying fiercely loyal to our core philosophy of healing.  We did it.  For this accomplishment, we are proud beyond words.


How do you see the future of Brio?

Dr. Jeff & Dr. Neetu:

The future is big, sky is the limit! Hopefully we will grow and invite additional practitioners. Grow by potentially training new and upcoming naturopathic doctors on our philosophy of healing – meaning there needs to be heavy emphasis of healing self in addition to heavy emphasis of entrepreneurial spirit; in addition to a heavy emphasis of a strong ability to treat and practice. Possibly online training for patients; Possibly Brio Supplements. There is no limit!

Thanks for sharing ten years with us thus far. It’s been quite a healing and humbling journey! Please come join in and celebrate with us in June. It is because of our amazing patients we are where we are today!