Testimonials for Brio Integrative Health

The Brio Integrative Health Centre has been important in the wellbeing of our whole family.
I first learned about the clinic when my husband and I attended a gluten-free cooking workshop led by Dr. Neetu. After that, I became a steadfast patient of hers, and have since enjoyed many health benefits as a result of her genuine care and guidance. Her attention to detail and individualized approach has helped me to achieve vast improvements with my eczema and digestive problems as well as enjoy the added benefits of increased energy and weight-loss.
Dr. Neetu has also become invaluable to us in the care of our son. After he began to have aggressive cold-induced asthma attacks and skin problems at the age of six months, she immediately went to work on creating a diet-centered treatment plan to help to strengthen his immune system. Our son is now three years old, his skin problems are minimal, he is rarely sick and his asthma attacks overall have become less severe and very infrequent. So much so, that we finally feel comfortable allowing him to be a normal three year old surrounded by other children his own age, without the constant fear that he could become sick and end up in Emergency. The benefits are priceless when it comes to our son’s improved health and quality of life and we can’t thank you enough, Dr Neetu!
And finally, over this past year, my husband has greatly improved his health by becoming a patient of Dr.Jeffery Lee. Under his enthusiastic guidance and by following his realistic and tailored treatment plan, my husband has lost almost 25 pounds since January 2010. As a result, he feels much healthier, less stressed, is more productive at work and has increased energy throughout the day.
Our family has greatly benefited from the overall expertise, knowledge, dedication and commitment demonstrated by the whole Brio Integrative Health Team. That includes you too, Kyra! Thanks so much!
I first met Dr. Dhiman when I went for my Bowen Therapy. During my therapy I told her about my health problems and she started asking me more questions. I told her about my asthma problems, allergies issues that seemed to be getting worse, my skin condition that left me feeling itchy all the time, my lack of energy and how my immune system has been low. I also told her that I’d been prescribed to take many antibiotics and I knew that could be damaging overall.
She went on to tell me that she suffered when she was younger and that the symptoms I was having were quite similar. I actually had no idea she was a naturopathic doctor but she went on how she cured herself the natural way and I wanted to give it a try myself. I wanted a change. I was tired of feeling sick.
Dr. Dhiman started by doing a de-toxin for my body with a strict dairy and wheat free diet. It was tough at first but I was determined and because she always showed such an interest in making me feel better I toughed it out. She has also giving me some herbal drops specific to my symptoms and some amazing relaxation techniques. She also encouraged me to get better with exercise.
I feel that Dr. Dhiman really helped me improve. I feel so much better now. My skin problems are gone; my energy levels have increased; my immune system has improved; and my recent lung studies have read as ‘Excellent’.
I have always looked forward to my visits with Dr. Dhiman. They have always been pleasant. She always listens to my problems and really looks into my health; not just to treat what’s visibly there but just so I can be overall healthy. Which is why I will continue seeing her as my doctor.
She is an amazing person; and I can tell she really cares and wants to make everyone feel better.
Veronica S.
As a university student studying and working continuously, I began experiencing my body’s physical reactions to the imbalanced lifestyle I was leading. It became apparent to me that as I age it is more valuable for me to preserve and nurture the existing strength of my body. I sought the advice and specialized knowledge of Dr. Lee, first, because he was referred to me by my sister, and second, because I discovered during my first appointment that he is approachable, trustworthy and non-judgmental about the unusual symptoms or concerns I would often be hesitant to raise with other medical specialists. Since working with Dr. Lee, I have not only become more aware of my body’s limits, but also have gained a better understanding of how to balance and maintain the healthy level of stress.
Jane M.
So you’ve discovered you have allergies! And if you are similar to my experience, you among other things, have high allergies to wheat and dairy. Now comes time to assess what you are eating and seek to do without these foods.
You will discover how prevalent this is in your diet especially if, like me, you were consuming both at every meal. This can be alarming, surprising and challenging. It is alarming because you don’t have to look far to know that eating the same food over and over again is not good for your health. It is surprising because you didn’t know how much of this food forms the basis of your diet, especially if you have been eating a lot of processed food. And it is challenging because you need to figure out what to eat in its place.
Reviewing my food selections became a real challenge. I travel a lot for work, the biggest challenge was breakfast. Almost everything on the menu has wheat. I would try to find substitutes and often just end up ordering a wheat product.
So much of our food is wheat-based that the statement comes up, I can’t eat anything. It came to my mind and I have seen comments of others that there is nothing to eat if you can’t eat wheat. So back to square one, what is there to eat?
The answer lies more in perspective than anything else. It involves becoming more in tune with what real food actually is. It is  understanding your biological place on earth, and what you as a human being should be eating and how to reverence the food you
are eating. In fact, as you make this journey of learning you will discover and empower yourself and simply by embarking on this journey you will find improvement in your health.
What you will find is that there is an abundance of good things to eat, they are literally everywhere. There is so much variety of good and healthy things to eat and once you start eating good food you start to discover the pleasures that are contained in it. We are taught by those who are not interested in our health that we need to hide the taste of real food with processed food and condiments that are essentially salt, sugar and fat. This leads us to lose touch with what real food actually tastes like, to our detriment. For me the rediscovery of vegetables in my diet was a hidden treasure. What do I mean by a hidden treasure? It means that you are able to see something for the first time that was right in front of you or that was completely obvious that you weren’t able to see before. No amount of theory will teach you this, it is only discovered once you go down the path of change for the better. I have experienced this many times in the last year and such is available to anyone.
This journey starts by finding out who out there can help you find the path of healthy living, the two key items for me were finding a good health practitioner and the right books.
Last year I had a number of health issues the main one being a constant state of illness (flus, colds: where does one begin and the other end?) and second was food getting stuck in my aesophagus area. At one illness episode, I had to have my manager fly in to
make important presentations because I had laryngitis and couldn’t talk. My aesophagal problems are a mere shadow of what they were. I was getting to the point where I was preparing to move to a climate where my illnesses were less severe which was in warm and dry climates (i.e. leaving Canada). One year later (now) I have not had even the hint of illness where in the past few years I would have gone through three months of illness.
My medical doctor, who has been advising me to go on cholesterol lowering drugs for several years (which I had always resisted), said back this spring that I had improved in my last blood test so much that he longer recommends them. I am not free and clear of all my symptoms (although getting sick is no longer one of them) and there remains areas to improve. However, the difference between last year when I began this journey to today is like comparing a brick wall to a speed bump. With a brick wall you consider yourself trapped while the speed bump is more a nuisance, but is not stopping you in your goals.
Thanks for reading my story and good luck in your journey. I can tell you it’s worth it.
Dan R.
By a sheer stroke of luck I was referred to Brio Clinic and it’s owners, Dr. Jeff Lee and Dr. Neetu Dhiman in the Spring of 2009. I have been having weekly visits to the Clinic since then. When I arrived at the Brio Clinic I had exhausted all Western medicine attempts to ease severe knee pain and swelling from a bad fall in 2008. After 3 treatments of Bowen Therapy from Dr. Dhiman, she suggested that I supplement the treatments with acupuncture from Dr. Lee as a means of attacking my knee pain from all angles.
After only a few treatments of both Bowen Therapy and Acupuncture, I was able to walk without the severe pain I had been experiencing. In the Summer of 2009, I was advised that I would be needing knee surgery. I consulted with Dr. Lee and Dr. Dhiman as to the best plan of attack for the surgery and I continued with a combination of therapies including Naturopathy in order to speed the healing and my recovery.
I sincerely know that I would not feel the level of wellness that I am currently experiencing without Dr. Lee’s and Dr. Dhiman’s plan of health and well being. I continue to refer friends and family to Brio Clinic and I am so grateful that a sheer stroke of luck led me to their door.
Diane C.
I had been suffering from IBS for many years, which became progressively worse as time passed. I had gone to my family Physician and after a period of roughly one year addressing this specific problem and eliminating all possible medical reasons for my condition by going through multiple tests and trying this and that, he came to the conclusion that nothing more could be done for me and that I would simply have to learn to live with this condition, as none of his solutions worked satisfactorily or long-term. I began to seek other solutions and upon talking to people, I was asked if I had ever considered a Naturopathic Doctor. I decided to try this avenue and went on a mission to locate someone I could trust and found Doctor Jeffrey Lee. To be honest, I was very leery and skeptical as to how much help I would receive, but from the very first meeting I was put at ease. I found Doctor Lee a person that genuinely cared about me and my health.
After my first consultation, Doctor Lee did some tests to determine a base line where my IBS was at. He began by giving me a specific diet to follow, Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs. For the first two weeks I wasn’t too excited to rule out some of my favourite foods, and as such I cheated on the diet, but I did see little improvement; I decided to follow the diet more strictly as my options for solutions were running out; after the initial two week period and sticking to the diet I began to see little changes; these changes began to increase in regularity and intensity. For e.g.: Originally, upon eating at any given time, I had a one-minute warning to seek a bathroom facility; this greatly hampered the quality of my life in that any time I ate I had to make sure a bathroom was in view, not to mention the terrible cramping I experienced after most of my meals. After the initial two weeks, the one-minute warning began to increase in that I now had a 5 minute warning, which enabled me to relax a little bit when dining out, etc. Also, the cramping began to decrease. Also, I was a big doubter of the validity of Acupuncture, but the reality of no diarrhea after an Acupuncture session the next time I ate was undeniable.
As mentioned, always having to have a bathroom nearby after eating whether I was at work, in my vehicle, out to dinner or on vacation was basically living my life in constant view of a quick exit which was inconvenient, painful and also embarrassing; I no longer have to live that way. I have been in Dr. Jeffrey’s care for under one year, but I would not have believed these dramatic changes to my lifestyle could be possible in such a short time especially since I have a very clear appreciation of what didn’t’ work before, for a very long time. I know that I still have a ways to go, but in testing the waters as they say by slowly re-introducing foods that used to give me an immediate unfavorable response and no longer do, is proof that I am on the road to a full recovery and getting my life back.
Jake L.