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Treatments are conducted in a strategic order: a commitment, an introduction, a treatment, and the goal of balance.  This process eliminates the guesswork involved in health issues, and in turn eliminates self-prescribing with natural supplements/vitamins or over the counter medications. Our treatment plans are streamlined, and often save the patient from unnecessary spending.  Your health is an investment with incredible rewards and returns.

Note:  Please check with your extended health care provider, as a portion of your treatments may be covered. 

Initial Naturopathic Visits are generally one hour in length. This time includes a review of your pre-completed intake form, a face-to-face visit with your practitioner, a thorough recording of your health history, and any relevant physical exams and/or lab tests. Our program philosophy and strategy will be clarified, and a treatment strategy will be provided. A return visit is scheduled for a time appropriate for each individual patient.

People of all ages benefit from treatment at Brio Centre. We provide support for pregnancy, and also address new born and toddler issues such as fevers, common colds, food sensitivities, and proper dietary needs for children. We also address food introduction schedules, explain how to properly develop your child’s immune system in our modern world, and discuss concerns regarding vaccinations and vaccination schedules.

It is important to provide a detailed list of medications you are taking and dosages for your practitioner prior to your first visit. Your practitioner will then be able to provide remedies that are safe when taken in combination with prescription medications. Please note that throughout the durations of treatment at Brio, as the body initiates healing, it is common practice for Medical Doctors to begin to decrease dosages of medications. This is a beautiful example of the team approach we hope to achieve for your health care needs.

Yes, Brio Centre offers routine lab tests. Blood tests are performed via external laboratories. Should you have current lab work with your medical doctor, Brio Centre can have these lab tests sent over. If you have current blood work results in your personal files, please bring them with you on your initial visit. Brio Centre also performs specialized testing including: food sensitivity testing, adrenal stress index, hair/mineral analysis, in-house body fat testing, and acupuncture meridian scans.

Naturopathic Medicine can be just as suppressive as conventional medicine if the root cause of illness is not addressed. For example, taking St. Johns Wort for depression is likely no different than taking a prescription medication for depression.  At Brio Clinic, we still prescribe supplements with the aim of simply managing symptoms. But we do so while simultaneously pursuing our main goal: to determine and correct the true cause of the body’s symptoms and imbalances at a root level.Please refer to the Brio Living page for more information about our philosophy and practices.

Virtually every person will benefit from Naturopathic treatment. All kinds of conditions and illnesses are treated by Naturopathic Doctors, including acute; chronic conditions; autoimmune; pre-surgery preparation; post-surgery recovery; cancer; post-chemo/radiation detoxification; palliative care.  Medical emergencies are referred to the local hospital.

Yes. Naturopathic Physicians have been registered in BC under health legislation since 1921, and became a self-regulating health profession in 1936.

No. Brio Integrative Health Centre is billed privately; however, please check your extended health care provider for Naturopathic Medicine and/or Acupuncture coverage.

Yes, treatment plans involving a team of health care practitioners are often the most successful. Our goal is to ensure that each of our patients experience the highest possible quality of health care.

Naturopathic Doctors (ND) in BC receive a minimum of three years pre-medical training at university, and then complete four years of graduate training at an accredited naturopathic medical school.

Naturopathic Doctors in BC are regulated by the College of Naturopathic Physicians of BC (CNPBC). In order to practice in BC, graduates must successfully complete two sets of standardized board exams across North America and a set of Provincial exams.

  1. The healing power of nature
  2. Treat the whole person
  3. First do no harm
  4. Identify and treat the cause
  5. Prevention is the best cure
  6. Doctor as teacher