About Linda McLaren, RMT

Linda McLaren, RMT
Linda McLaren, RMTRegistered Massage Therapist

My Bio

Linda McLaren graduated from the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 1996 and has enjoyed her practice as a Registered Massage Therapist, working exclusively in Richmond, ever since.
The most fulfilling job Linda could think of is one helping people ease their pain and improve their health through healing contact and education.   To keep herself rejuvenated over the years, she has practiced Pilates, dabbled in yoga, and has taken up running.  She enjoys getting out into nature in every season; hiking and paddle-boarding in spring and summer, and snowshoeing in winter. To stimulate her mind and to “check another item off the Bucket List”, Linda has been trying to learn Italian as a second language.

During her career, Linda has taken many post graduate courses to further her knowledge in health care and massage modalities.

Since 2011, she has immersed herself in the Barral method of visceral manipulation and is active in study groups to share current knowledge and refresh skills.  Visceral manipulation is a gentle technique that seeks to address dysfunctions of the internal organs and restore healthy motion.

While attending the World Fascia Congress 2012 in Vancouver, Linda became interested in an emerging treatment technique called Fascial Manipulation by Italian physiotherapist Luigi Stecco.  This very efficient fascial release method requires a thorough assessment to identify specific key points in the tissue to be treated, resulting in a decrease in pain and increase in freedom of movement.  For Fascial Manipulation treatments, it’s best for clients to wear comfortable shorts and a sports bra.

Massage Therapists trained in BC, like myself, are capable  of treating many health issues, dysfunctions and injuries.

I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you on your journey to better health!