About Kyra Sturrock, RHN

Kyra Sturrock
Kyra SturrockRegistered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and Office Manager

My Bio

Kyra Sturrock is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) who graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.
Kyra has worked at Brio since 2009 and is currently the office manager. Her work ethic and passion is clear to our team as she was proudly nominated in the Richmond Review for Best Customer Service in the city. In 2012, Brio launched a holistic nutrition and lifestyle program and Kyra was honored to be asked to co-create and facilitate the program titled Weight Loss Rehab. Since its launch we have seen growth not only in numbers of attendees per session, but frequency, demographic, it’s opened up to couples, parents, blood sugar, weight gain (muscle), weight loss, even fertility. Therefore following this trend we are appropriately updating, launching and renaming the program Healthy Living 101, as it’s a program for everyone.
From a young age, Kyra has been passionate about health and well being. Kyra enjoys shopping- specifically grocery shopping for fresh, local whole foods! It’s common to find her at a local farm market during the summer. Her weekly ritual of meal preparation for the week helps to her to be organized for the busy week ahead (which she swears by)! On weekends, Kyra is constantly researching new recipes for her to try from cook books, blogs and websites to Pinterest.

Kyra grew up playing sports and doing dance, which has encouraged her to make that an important part of her daily schedule. From working out at the gym, to doing zoomba and boot camp classes, she enjoys being active. With diabetes, high blood pressure, and weight to be common issues of her family, she knew she wanted to prevent her future from developing into similar patterns. After suffering for years, with chronic ear infections Kyra found making dietary changes to really improve her symptoms. Kyra does not believe that eating a whole foods diet means depriving yourself. Achieving your ideal weight is a symptom of health and balance.