At Brio Integrative Health, we combine our knowledge of Western science and alternative medicine to offer many treatment options. This combination of knowledge and support can help our patients to achieve the success they deserve. Our staff can help point the way to smart choices and educated decisions.
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About Brio Clinic

Brio Integrative Health Centre is a clinic in Richmond BC with a contemporary urban esthetic as well as a community-centered feel.

Brio provides high quality health care, patient-focused customer service and treatment with integrity.

The word Brio describes the quality of being active, spirited, and alive as represented by the Brio Integrative Health Centre logo, carrying an air of movement and energy.

Brio Integrative Health Centre was co-founded in February 2008 by Dr. Jeffrey Lee, ND, RAc and Dr. Neetu Dhiman, ND. Dr. Lee and Dr. Dhiman first connected in 2006 and quickly realized they shared many beliefs about the root foundations and practice of Naturopathic Medicine.
waiting-areaOur clinic space offers a calm, serene atmosphere. We welcome each patient with an offering of Nikaido specialty tea and relaxing music. The clinic is a scent free zone; wherever possible, the cleaning products used are non-toxic, and our linen is treated at Ironwood Drycleaners, with an environmentally friendly solution. The artwork at Brio features images of greenery, nature, rocks and the grounding element of bamboo, resulting in an overall contemporary Westcoast feel.

The clinic is conveniently located in South East Richmond, which is just seconds away from the George Massey Tunnel and Highway 99. Visit our Contact page for a map, contact information, and directions to our office.

Treatments are conducted in a strategic order: a commitment, an introduction, a treatment, and the goal of balance. This process eliminates the guesswork involved in health issues, and in turn eliminates self-prescribing with natural supplements/vitamins or over the counter medications. Our treatment plans are streamlined, and often save the patient from unnecessary spending. Your health is an investment with incredible rewards and returns.

Treatment programs are created after careful review of several factors:

  • Patient commitment for care
  • Detailed intake form
  • Verbal health history
  • In-house laboratory testing
  • External laboratory testing
  • and a condition specific physical exam.

Note: Please check with your extended health care provider, as a portion of your treatments may be covered.

Brio Living is our philosophy of practice at Brio Clinic. Read more on our Brio Living page or find out about two of our programs: Healthy Living 101 and Pain Free Living. Sign up to our newsletter to hear about new programs as they are offered.
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Meet The Team

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Encouraging, inspiring and motivating our patients towards vibrant health!

Testimonials for Brio Integrative Health Centre

Our family has greatly benefited from the overall expertise, knowledge, dedication and commitment demonstrated by the whole Brio Integrative Health Team. That includes you too, Kyra! Thanks so much!
I have always looked forward to my visits with Dr. Dhiman. They have always been pleasant. She always listens to my problems and really looks into my health; not just to treat what’s visibly there but just so I can be overall healthy. Which is why I will continue seeing her as my doctor. She is an amazing person; and I can tell she really cares and wants to make everyone feel better.
Veronica S.
Since working with Dr. Lee, I have not only become more aware of my body’s limits, but also have gained a better understanding of how to balance and maintain the healthy level of stress.
Jane M.
However, the difference between last year when I began this journey to today is like comparing a brick wall to a speed bump. With a brick wall you consider yourself trapped while the speed bump is more a nuisance, but is not stopping you in your goals.
Thanks for reading my story and good luck in your journey. I can tell you it’s worth it.
Dan R.
I sincerely know that I would not feel the level of wellness that I am currently experiencing without Dr. Lee’s and Dr. Dhiman’s plan of health and well being. I continue to refer friends and family to Brio Clinic and I am so grateful that a sheer stroke of luck led me to their door.
Diane C.
I have been in Dr. Jeffrey’s care for under one year, but I would not have believed these dramatic changes to my lifestyle could be possible in such a short time especially since I have a very clear appreciation of what didn’t’ work before, for a very long time. I know that I still have a ways to go, but in testing the waters as they say by slowly re-introducing foods that used to give me an immediate unfavorable response and no longer do, is proof that I am on the road to a full recovery and getting my life back.
Jake L.
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